Sunday, January 2, 2011

Appitizer dinner

My dear friend and his new wife are coming into town. I haven't met her yet...I'm nervous. Should I be? I'm not sure.

In honor of my friend, and in order to make a good first impression I'm creating dinner. I say creating because I will be using new recipes. My recipes..., or well as far as I know they are original. Of course there will be some not original.
Quinoa tarts
Soy and orange marinated Wasabi incrusted fishies
Shrimp stuffed biscuits (not original)
Pistachio, Feta, and Cranberry salad (not original)
Stuffed dates...the newness is in the stuffing!
Mango tea (obviously not original, but delicious)

Ok, so this is the menu minus dessert because I just haven't decided on that part nor have I received I will stare at an apple until I have it. Can an apple be a muse and offer inspiration?

There will be pictures and recipes later.

For right now let it be said that I am being silly and watching the end of Sister Act II (haha Nostalgia), and just the end, while enjoying chocolate raisins with a glass of ice water. "I am a HEADLINER" 


  1. New Background!!! I love how fun it is! Food should be fun!!!!

  2. The background is rockin', chick!!! And that menu sounds yum. Apple crumble w/ ice cream would go great w/ ur spread. Fun, simple, and downright tasty, just like the rest of ur menu. U guys have fun.