Monday, November 9, 2009

Homemade with Love

I experienced homemade with love this weekend. It's not the first time, but it's a time I will never forget.

My wonderful friend Melinda asked me a couple of weeks ago to go with her to a wedding shower in Hereford. I of course said yes. She's the one getting married by the  way.

On Sunday afternoon, she and JayJ, and his mom (Pat Magallanes), and I loaded up in the car and headed out to Hereford. Now I'm crazy about small towns, but I wasn't really sure what to expect from this experience. Would we see Lou Reed cow tippin'? Who knew.  I knew one thing for sure I was coaxed (not that it was necessary) with homemade Tamales!

We arrived in Hereford. On the way I noticed one specific thing that reminded me I grew up in a city, the tractor leaving the church. This for me seemed quintessential to a small town TEXAS experience right at that moment. Astounding! Getting back to it....we landed at her mom's house, and took a load off. Immediatly, Melinda's mom pulls out these perfect cinnamon and sugar coated heart shaped cookies called Corazones. I had barely just sat down...I love this place already!

A few minutes later we head to the church for the wedding shower, because in small towns everything happens at church! I know, my grandparents live in a small town! I went to more small town functions at a church than I care to remember. This one was super special though because it was for my friend Melinda. What a special time too! Some of the girls sang her a song, we played a game, and had wonderful refreshment. The most wonderful Tres Leches Cake! And a wonderful lady prayed a beautiful prayer over her and JayJ!

Now then, after the shower was over, we went back to The Leal's house. We started with getting all of the wonderful tamales into a pot to steam. Then it was decided what we would have with it...eggs, tortillas, and pappas or potatoes. The pappas were crispy and hot. The eggs were done right...a little runny. The tortillas were freshly made and just bought from the "mexican" store (so called by all Herefordites). The TAMALES, they were full of flavor. The meat shredded not ground was tender and wrapped in dough and husk. It was like unwrapping a little Christmas present for my mouth! I even got to take home left-overs with love! I deffinetley devoured those today! We drove home and I was a little sad to be leaving. It really did feel like going home, except I never did live in a small town, or have homemade Tamales.

It's really no wonder that I love anything that has to do with other cultures and thier food, but I love, absolutely adore, the deliciousness of authentic homemade Mexican food. I will take a family meal over texmex any day. This experience was sensational. The love of good food and family, the beautiful relationship of mother and daughter, and mother and son! Everyone helping in what my PaPa Fouse called "A 2 butt kitchen". It was crowded and warm and full of happiness.  And I have to say that one day I hope that my own kitchen is that way or already is!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Ok, so this is not about Marry Poppins. I did feel awesome though after making this meal!

These are Chalula sliders on a delicious corn bread bun. They were served with spicy glazed carrots and quarters of a bloode orange.

1 lb. of ground turkey or your prefered ground meat medium
1 packet of taco seasoning
Salt and Pepper to taste
                     -Form into sliders and grill.

1 bag of carrots, washed and peeled (if you peel)

1 box of jiffy, that's right, JIFFY

1 blood orange, cut into quarters ( this is enough for 2, if you serve this to more than 2 people have more oranges on hand)

Ryan grilled the mini burgers to perfection. They were juicey and savory, served with a touch of guacamole and sour cream and chalula on a corn bread bun!

The spicy glazed carrots were wonderful. Boiled just enough to be hot and slightly soft. I should say that they were still had crunch and plenty of bite! Right before you eat squeeze the blood orange over the carrots!

I would go as far to say that I would be proud to serve this to RCPM!