Wednesday, March 28, 2012

mmm...smo cone?

Last night I was craving a sno cone. In particular a tigers blood with cream...that is my sno cone of chose. However, I didn't have any cash, and I was to lazy/tired (hmm...let's go with tired rather than lazy) to get cash out of the bank atm.

I devised a plan to go home and make my own sno cone with a snoopy snow cone machine. I remembered I don't have one anymore because I grew up and moved out.
Did anybody else have one? My sister and I loved ours!

So I have a blender now, the grown up snoopy sno cone machine, and I have been on a major smoothie kick lately. Grown up sno cone idea!
Strawberry Coconut sno cone....It's not quite a sno cone, but it is delicious!
1 cup whole Strawberries (preferably frozen)
1 tray of ice
3/4 can of coconut milk (remember to shake before use)
2-3 tbls. Agave nectar or honey
blend until smooth

It is a nice texture mix of smoothie and sno cone! It's the SMO CONE! It's tart, and I love that, but you may want to make it sweeter! 

This made about 30 -35 oz.