Friday, September 10, 2010

My weakness....In Amarillo

I'm stuffed to my eyeballs; filled with my favorite soup in Amarillo.
Everyone knows where to get it...this lovely soup. MyThai...Toom Yum Noodle Soup!

Oh I love it. It is a stinky little piece of heaven. The beautiful pinkish, for it was a bit pink with chili today, broth is spicy and sour. The huge bowl (literally bigger than my head) is filled to the brim with ground pork, thin sliced chicken, lots of noodles, bean sprouts, lemon grass pieces, and two shrimp. 

I'm slightly uncomfortable right now. I ate the WHOLE thing....well, not quite the whole thing, all the stuffs and some of the broth.

It's become a beloved tradition in this odd sort of place in our lives that we meet with our dear friends the Underwoods and Sandy for lunch on Fridays when we are in Amarillo. Melinda and Sandy work together in the Medical District, so we always go to MyThai because it is close and fast!

I know what they will order and they know what I will order! It's a favorite. I don't do that at other places, just order 1 thing over and over and over, but I love the soup. And I might add that I have tried other things there, and some are good, I just love the dang soup.

Actually let me give you another soup of thiers that is also on my favorites list there. Thai Coconut soup. The broth is silky smooth with a hint of spice and lots of wonderful coconut flavor. It's chockfull of chicken and green onions! YUMMY!

So, "Wheel of Morality turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn. Lesson #7: try the soups." Hahaha, Animaniacs, but really if you don't want stinky try silky!

If you read this then I would like your input! Do you have a great soup that you love? Any good french onion recipes? We are getting closer and closer to soup season, and it's time to share your favs with others! Please and thank you!

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