Monday, September 20, 2010

Food brings us together

We went to the fair tonight. It was the typical (I guess) fare of food. You know the type- cheese on a stick, corn dogs, indian tacos, turkey legs, funnel cake, caramel apples, fried pickles, lemonade, and my favorite the German Nuts.

The booth for the beautiful Bavarian Nuts is in the exhibition hall closest to the petting zoo. The smell of sweet and spicy nuts fills the hall. They are full of warm flavors like cinnamon, brown sugar, and the roasting process brings out the wonderful earthy flavor. The pecans literally melt in your mouth.

When we found out two or three days ago that we would be going to the fair, I automaticaly thought, "I would love some of those spicy nuts."


So we went into the exhibit hall and my nose perked up and immediately pointed to the end of the room.
I'm not ashamed to say that like a child, I pushed and prodded and pulled my sweet, tolerant, and understanding hubby to the point of no return. We passed all of the outragous jewlery and Ed Hardy clothes. We made it past the funeral home booth, and I think possibly a musical cowboy.

We were there. My nose took in the full embrace of the heavenly smell. I opened my eyes and the proprietor's eyes met. Ryan tried to move on, but I held my ground! Smell doesn't give you calories, but I must admit I wasn't worried about calories!

All of a sudden in the midst of my aroma euphoria, I heard the proprietor say "I thought y'all moved to Europe or something?"

We had sold him one of our mattress sets in May of 09'. We talked to him about what we had been doing, and asked about his cutie kids.

Best part is that I got a free sample, and then...

and then....

My sweet, wonderful, crazy awesome husband bought me a paper cone of warm roasted almonds and pecans!

I love that hubby of mine!

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