Friday, September 16, 2011

Rooms and sherpas

Today the Pioneer Woman  asked what your favorite room is in your house!
I imagine that your thinking....your kitchen of course, and you would be right I do like my kitchen, but favorite uhhh maybe.

These two rooms probably are my favorite! My kitchen is one of them so there you go, and I love my dining room! My kitchen is a pretty pink that contrasts perfectly to my dinning room which is a gentle green. I need to take pictures of them done so you can see. Sorry I don't have that!

You know, I love that my kitchen is small. It's cozy! Everytime I cook in it, I feel as if I'm filling my house with this beautiful abundance of love and aroma!
Side note: My husband just snorted and sent me a video that I will share later because it's hilarious!
I love love my dinning room! It's a sweet and gentle green that isn't overwhelming! I love that when we sit down for a meal we eat good food, have great conversations, and there is an overwhelming since of generosity and blessing!

LOL!!! The Original Martians

come over for dinner sometime!
I would like to have a sherpa to carry my backpack with gets heavier all the time.

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