Thursday, June 30, 2011

NEWS!!! I has it!

Soooo.....soon and very soon, I will have my own kitchen. Not as in I will have a resteraunt, unless you want to come and pay me to cook for you, but as in We Will OWN a HOUSE!!

Ryan and I both agree that this is somewhat (by that I mean a whole lot) ahead of schedule. As a matter of a fact, I'm not sure we thought that day would come at all.

So now this video applies.

Ok so not really, but I think it's awesome and you should watch it! I love RCPM! But no. really! it does.

Hey now, look at me, I will be posting a lot more very soon, and you will get to meet my new puppy, LadyBird. Yes I know, Ryan named her. I call her puppy pants.

Well that's it, except to say I can't wait to cook for you!


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