Monday, August 23, 2010

The Cake I don't have a name for!

This is the beginning of an Idea!

Idea starter 
(PS: this video is hilarious and you should watch it)

The idea morphed into something that is uniquely my father.

The only 3 things that stuck from the Cherpumple
were the cherry pie, apple pie, and Cream cheese Frosting (homemade)
The cakes are Banana supreme, Lemon Supreme, and Pineapple Supreme.

Here we go!

This cake takes forever to make. For Reals! Hours!

I wrote my acceptance speech for the life time acheivment award I will win one day!
It goes a little something like....

Hey It's DONE! Finally!

Duh duh duh! Look out for monster cake!
It's like Hypnotoad! 
All Glory to Hypnocake!

Then we cut the cake and well.......
It deflated! 

Here is the deal: It tasted Great! It wasn't too rich, but it was wonderfully tasty! 

If you are brave enough to try this you will get rave reviews!  This is the ultimate in cake! The King of CAKE!
Fair warning though is that it takes a lot of patience and time! 
Have fun!

Oh, I think I have a name...... Sir Cake Cherlemappinpeachnana!

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