Monday, May 24, 2010


It's that time of year! Summer! And that means watermelon time! I'm eating some right now!

Math Equation for you!
Summer =A
Watermelon =B
Any Guesses?

If you answered LOVE you are correct!

Did you know that watermelon has a long history?
It is speculated to have originated from Africa. There were seeds found in ol' King Tut's tomb. The moorish invaders took it to Europe. Did you know that it first made it's appereance in an English Dictionary in 1615? It's true! In the 10th century the Chinese were working their food voodoo on watermelon. As a matter of fact.....this will be quite controversial for some of you, but they were pickling the rind way before the U.S. was the U.S. AND.. The Vietnamese say they had those ruby reds way before China did.
WOW that's a lot of history for a melon.

Now here's the fun part...How many ways can you eat it?

According to my fella...the best way to eat watermelon is to have a quarter of the melon in your hands, outside, and going after it face first. Juice runs from your mouth, to your hands, to your elbows, and down your shirt until you are super sticky all over! After you're finished all that is left is to run through the sprinkler to get the sticky off!

Some like it sliced, diced, salted (NOT my favorite at all), sugared, Juiced, with Cream, crushed with ice, fizzed (use plain soda and mix with juice), sandwiches, yogurt, shakes, soups, salads, and of course salsa!

Here is a new one! Can you believe I found a recipe for FRIED watermelon. Unintentional, honest...I totally happened upon it!

 Alright all that is left is for you to go and get some of wonderful fruit that Oklahoma thinks is a vegetable (for reals)! Have Fun!

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